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Trucking Census

Trucking has been one of the most important careers in the world. Transportation is a mixture of various chains coming together to get whatever product/produce you need at the local level. There are more than 3.6 million truck drivers out on the road making the transportation chain function and sustain itself. If just one link goes haywire, the entire chain will break.

Canada’s truckers have decided to go on strike and guess what is happening…the chain is breaking. We saw the affects first hand at our local stores. The pandemic has caused a major strain the local produce levels. Go to your local stores and you notice there are certain products and produce that are sold out or gone until further notice. Now picture this at a global level.

Even with the pandemic ruining our numbers, the trucking industry saw a spike in the online delivery sector of retail. That’s not the only number changing, the ratio of men to women truckers is also changing. According to the United States Census Bureau, for every 10 men there are 1.5 women and climbing.

The younger truckers, of 35 and under, are changing the statistics. There are more Latina women becoming truck drivers and there are more women owned trucking businesses popping up than ever before. According to the Census Bureau, women owned trucking business are getting paid more than men owned businesses.

The age for truck drivers is older than other industries. It appears there are more retired folks and couples that get their CDL in their later years. Veterans make about 10% of the truck drivers and climbing. Veterans have a major leg up in training and meeting certain requirements as truck drivers. With Biden’s administration we hope to see ongoing positive changes to wages and hours.

One thing is for certain…now is the time to join the industry. The average starting salary is $50,000 and the average for owner-operators at $100,000 and up.

TV Azteca

T.V. Azteca recently reached out to us about a story. At first we were skeptical, but once we met the Azteca crew we had a ball. They let us know their interest in the industry and how we were making a difference. Part of that conversation had a few laughs sprinkled in there but most of it was the seriousness of the matter at hand. There is a major shortage with truck drivers retiring faster than companies can hire. As a result the entire transportation industry is suffering.

You can be a part of the difference. Click on the button below and our recruiters will contact you.


Telemundo had us on their call list for over 6 months, but the call wasn’t activated until recently. Similar to The Incredibles, we were the superheroes in this story. They knew that helping us meant helping everyone. The crisis almost blew up when the port Truck Drivers were fed up with the long lines. Telemundo heard the cry for help and rushed over to find out what was going on. We explained to them a bit about the transportation industry and how the trucking industry was intertwined in the long web of chained industries. Together with all of these chains, we are trying to create more flow in all of the processes. The FMCSA is one companion we have looked to for guidance, and they are changing the game next year. We are ready and we hope you are too.

CNN Español

California Truck Driving Academy is a Women Owned Small Business and a diversified work environment. We have recently asked our Spanish speaking recruiters to start encouraging the latino community to take a risk. You can speak Spanish and still learn what you need to know to become a professional driver. We have the success stories to prove it and we have the know how to do it. If you can pass the exam to become an American Citizen- you have the knowledge to start becoming a truck driver. FYI…the CDL permit test is in Spanish but the Driven Test isn’t.

News Nation

Our most interesting article and media to date is News Nation. They figured out how gas prices are affected by the shortage in Truck Drivers. To go deeper, they figured out where the problem lies….CDL licensing takes too long. President Joe Biden announced how federal regulations and state regulations will expedite the entire process to get enough drivers out on the road. After the pandemic hit the ground, ground transportation fell with it. The DMV and the ports got hit hard and backed up the entire fleet, starting with ships and ending with ground transportation. The port had never seen truck drivers wait in big lines that lasted for more than 8 hours….ever. Maybe it’s a little exaggerated but we know that the problem doesn’t end there. The shortage of drivers and the baby boomers retiring all have had a major impact on the entire transportation industry.