Do you know what’s better than a Loan? Here at California Truck Driving Academy we strive to you give the best training and offer the best options for our students. Together with Leif and CDL Advantage, we are offering our students a payment plan that will get you started on your training ASAP. Our mission is to get as many professional truck drivers on the road as possible. That means having different options for students of all walks life.

Leif Payment Plan

Some of our students are making too much to qualify for our career one stop program. We created a solution; to create a finance program for all to qualify. The trucking industry is urgently needing truck drivers and we are responding to the call.

A Quick Breakdown

Together with Leif we have 3 available payment plans, depending on your needs. From those 3 choices you will have the option of paying in a 36 month term or a 48 month term. That’s not all… you are not required to make payments until you are making at least $2,500 monthly or $30,000 annually. There are a few disqualifying factors to consider:

  • Credit score under 550
  • Defaults on previous loans

We created this offer in order to get students fully trained and out on the road. We are committed to giving you the best CDL training and the best options available. Just ask about our job placement assistance program and we’ll be able to help you out. Below are the options available for our Leif Finance Program.

Option A

Option A was created as the most general finance option in the market. This option is for students looking to pay only for school. Option A includes your DMV Skills Test appointment, DOT Physical and Drug Test. It will get you through school all the way until your DMV Drivers appointment. This is the moment of truth when you have the chance of passing your test and receiving your very own CDL. You can have your CDL and still not pay a cent until you have career success. Leif doesn’t require payment until you are making at least $30,000 annually. Option A comes in 36 or 48 month terms.

Option B

This option is for those of you who are ready to get on the road. It includes everything from Option A plus Arizona (DL170) appointment and testing. Commercial DMV’s are over-booked causing a bottle neck for students needing to test for their CDL. CTDA has created a solution with a third party company in AZ that has the capability of testing for CDL skills test.

Don’t wait 6-10 weeks for the next available DMV test when we can guarantee you an appointment within 2-4 weeks after you finish your training. Many of our students opt in to this option because they have jobs lined up waiting for them to be CDL owners. Don’t wait on your appointment, just include it in your payment plan….you’ll be happy you did.

Option C

Lastly, we have Option C. Sometimes we need a little extra help with transportation and housing. Option C includes everything from the previous 2 options. Don’t worry about transportation or housing, just pick this option and let us handle the rest. All you need to do is study and practice. This option also comes in 36 or 48 month terms.

CDL Advantage

CTDA has partnered with another financing company who’s main focus is truck drivers. Just like us, our passion is to get professional truck drivers out on the road and working. Their payment plan doesn’t affect your credit when you apply and they are more flexible when qualifying you. You don’t need a credit score of 550 when you have a history of income and work. CDL Advantage looks at the bigger picture when qualifying you, not just your credit. There are only a few disqualifying factors:

  • Current bankruptcy (But bankruptcy discharged over a year is generally OK)
  • Tax liens and/or previous Student Loan Default and/or child support judgement

CDL Advantage offers a maximum loan amount that covers full tuition and initial fees. They offer 48 and 60 month terms.


Applying is as easy as calling 1-800-581-2048 or emailing us and speaking with one of our Recruiting Specialist. You must apply through us in order to get the process started. Request more information below by submitting your information and then select REQUEST A CALL BACK. One of our specialists will reach out to answer all of yours questions.