Class A/B

Class A with P Endorsement

You may think there is one;y Class A and B, but you are far from close. Truckers are needed in just about every industry there is. A school…well guess what you need a school bus driver. You are a corporate office and you need supplies, you guessed right….a truck driver is needed for supplies. An amusement park…yes you need truck drivers. Logistics companies are in high demand and it’s not just truck drivers that they need, there is a need for specialty drivers.

What Are Specialty Drivers

credit: Nasa

There are a few names for specialty drivers, what you need to know is that they are used for specific material or rare material that only certain drivers are trusted with. Hazmat Drivers need to go through a TSA background check before being authorized to carry hazardous material. Have you ever been to the Space Station? Have you seen those huge trucks carrying rocket parts through the station?

Rare Trucking Jobs

Nasa is just the beginning of the specialty jobs. You can go into almost any industry and you will probably find a trucker. Working for the military can also be lucrative but dangerous. The military has many rare or classified parts that need transporting. Have you heard of Specialty Vehicle Haulers?

The point of this article is to open your eyes to the possibilities of trucking. You can haul rare cars or you can work for Waste Management. It’s really about doing a little research and setting a goal. Most high paying trucking jobs require at least a few years of experience.

Lucrative Business

One of the most lucrative is to be an owner-operator. Being an owner-operator can make you really big bucks but there is a catch. Working as an independent contractor will get you money but you need to be on top of your trucks’ maintenance and insurance. Truck insurance is already expensive as it is, top it off with maintenance and fleet management. It can get overwhelming at times but the more organized you are the better it will be. Some owner-operators make as much as $350,000 a year but that means they own a few trucks and have a few drivers working for them.

Earn Both Class Licenses

Going back to Class A/B, it is important to note the incredible opportunities that open up for you by have Class A with P endorsement. Class A has great amount of demand. The industry is hurting for new drivers, as old drivers are retiring and not enough new recruits are coming through the door. Owning a Class A license and a P endorsement, your opportunities double if not triple. You can drive tractor trailers over 26,001 pounds and you can also drive shuttle buses. Opportunities are there, you just need to earn your CDL. Apply below for more information.

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